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We provide trainings on-site and virtual.

Our training courses and programs are designed to promote awareness, educate individuals, cultivate  community and influence change.


Practices are offered on-site and virtually.

When participating in one of our Mindfulness sessions you will experience tranquility in a moments time. Our practices are designed to elevate awareness with oneself to be present in any place, doing anything. The intent is to

increase connection.


Consultants are retained in person and virtually.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our staff is knowledgeable and heart centered to provide services that will exceed the expectations of our clients. We know your business to us is a gift and our service to you is a joy.


Readings are offered on-site and virtually.

Our consultants offer a variety of spiritual readings to fit your need. Personal and home readings provide clarity, support and direction.  Some receive them as entertainment. All are perfect and welcomed. 


Coaching is offered virtually.

Our coaches are skilled in supporting clients in every journey of their life for maximum results. In addition, we provide a network and community to increase sustainability with outcomes. 


Speaking opportunities are provided in person and virtually.

Our Subject Mater Experts (SMEs) are available for workshops, conventions, private events, panels, podcast, summits and keynote engagements.

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