I speak to individuals who feel hostage to a situation or circumstance they have no control over; the broken spirited one who knows there is more to life than just merely getting by. I speak to those diamonds in the rough who are waiting to shed the layers placed on them as a result of trauma, and now believe their opportunity to shine is within arm’s reach.


I have seen and experienced the slow death of a human spirit when confined by isolation and limiting beliefs which spread like a cancer. I believe love through community actions are the cure. I believe the circumstances and challenges we experience in life are gifts to be used as tools that allow us to create a better life for ourselves and others. I want to help others navigate through this transition because I believe survivors are designed to thrive!

Aundrea D. Veney


From Survivor to Thriver

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What a Powerhouse! Aundrea completely owned the stage. She took an unimaginable topic of Domestic Violence and with her own vulnerability, honesty and a demand for change, she opened our eyes and hearts to what we pretend we don’t know and educated us. Before us stood a beautiful example of what is possible following a history of pain, and we not only fell in love with her we desired to open our eyes to this silent epidemic and be the catalyst for change she inspired us to be. She is a Domestic Violence survivor and much more than that she is breathing proof that THRIVING is possible. In a word... WOW! "   
                                                                                 Bernadette Pleasant                                                                                                                                        Creator of Femme!    The Emotional  I nstitute                                                                                                                                                    

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